Top 5 Reasons Your Personal Injury Lawyer Must Be Board Certified

Board Certification is an award that recognizes excellence in a profession for Personal Injury lawyers. A doctor without Board Certification would not be trusted with patients’ care. Legal representation should be treated in the same way. Many people don’t know that lawyers can Board Certified. The country’s most renowned lawyers cannot comprehend this lack of public knowledge. This distinction is crucial and what distinguishes “paper pushers” from “case winners”. Clients could be denied the Board Certification distinction if they don’t receive the compensation they deserve.

Top 5

In this article , we will explain 5 reasons why accident victims should retain a Board Certified lawyer. It is best to meet with a top Personal Injury lawyer after suffering serious injuries in an accident.

This publication, as always, is intended to help potential law firm clients who are looking for expert Personal Injury representation. Clients who are not Board Certified lawyers will lose their case against the insurance company.

#1: Insurance companies profit from those who fight their claims

It’s not worth it to fight the insurance company if victims don’t have Board Certified lawyers. Insurance companies do not have the responsibility of fair treatment for accident victims. The victim should not be left to the insurance company to receive the compensation they deserve.

We have discussed the practice of Deny, Delay and Don’t Pay in previous articles. This tactic is used to intimidate victims from seeking compensation. This tactic is used when the insurance company discovers that the victim’s lawyer has been a “paper pusher”. We can assure you that the insurance companies will recognize a “paper pusher or adjuster” as soon as they see one.

What does it mean to be a “paper pusher” lawyer in the legal profession?

This is a bad thing. On the Law Resources, we refer to this as a “paper pusher”. This is a lawyer who takes on as many claims as they can to boost their “results”. In reality, these “results”, are just obtaining any amount of compensation for their clients. The dollar amount doesn’t matter to them and is another reason to look at another firm. For injured clients, money does matter. It is what restores quality life both mentally and medically.

#2: Florida’s legal system should be used to protect accident victims.

A second reason that an accident victim shouldn’t attempt to defend themselves after being injured by the negligence or recklessness of another party (car accident, trucking accident, or medical malpractice to name just a few) is simple: Florida’s legal system can be complex. Without a law degree, it is very difficult to understand statutes and laws. Board Certified lawyers have a history of achieving high success rates in these areas for their clients. They tend to be more knowledgeable than their Personal Injury peers.

A Board Certified lawyer is the only one who can take on an insurance company’s legal team. The lawyer is familiar with the process, whether it’s preparing a client to go to mediation or going all-the way to trial. Every Personal Injury case is unique. The first step towards maximum compensation is to have experience with different outcomes and accidents. A Board-certified lawyer can offer the appropriate legal advice, on a case-by-case basis.

#3: Only Board Certified Lawyers can handle paperwork…the right manner!

This one might not be as obvious, but it is still important to get a Board Certified lawyer following an accident. It’s important to mention. The legal system is complex and almost entirely made up of paperwork. It is a losing battle trying to sort through all the legal documents that require specific information (“the client’s book”) alone. Insurance companies will take advantage of victims by using the sheer amount of paperwork. Insurance companies want the victim give up. Insurance companies are unable to resist intimidation tactics because Board Certified lawyers control the paperwork.

#4: Board certified lawyers are very rare.

Young lawyers are encouraged to strive for more than just getting clients out the door. Young lawyers need to be hungry throughout their early years in their careers so they can earn the honor of Board Certification when their title is granted to Senior Lawyer at a firm where they have become partners or their own firm.

Only 1 percent of lawyers achieve this milestone and are Board Certified. This rare achievement elevates Board Certified lawyers by leaps, bounds, over their non-Board Certified peers. Double certification is rare as only 1% of lawyers are eligible to claim this crowning jewel. Double board certification is not just a lawyer’s national certification, but also a state-specific certification.

#5: The most experienced lawyers are board certified

A Board Certified lawyer is more trustworthy than their peers and upholds a higher standard in morals, ethics, and behavior. Client satisfaction is the key to their success, not how many clients they saw in a given month. Because they are able to see the case through to the conclusion, Board Certified lawyers have secured multimillion-dollar settlements for their clients.

These lawyers have the knowledge and experience to use Demonstrative Aids, call expert witnesses, preserve evidence (known as Spoliation of Evidence), and file time sensitive motions within a reasonable timeframe. The Board Certified lawyers are ethical and professional and they conduct themselves above what is expected when they face the judge in court.

Bonus #6: Personal injury contingency isn’t unusual, it’s common

Personal Injury lawyers are known for working on contingency. The lawyer won’t make any money unless the client receives compensation. Lawyers that advertise “no upfront fee” or “free legal assistance” are lying to accident victims. Personal Injury has an accepted position on contingency. It is therefore not necessary to advertise this acceptable ethics.

Closing arguments

“I’m coming to sue you!” is a misused term. It is commonly used by lawyers in television commercials promising large settlements. Some cases will not settle for millions. Experienced lawyers will tell you this upfront. A Personal Injury lawyer should only be able to recover the maximum amount of compensation allowed by law. False promises by lawyers should be a red flag that you need to look for another firm. Lawyers shouldn’t promise clients a certain amount of money. False promises will not be made by a lawyer who has tried thousands of cases to a successful verdict. The results speak for themselves.

Experience speaks for itself

A case can be ended by lack of experience, dishonesty, and false promises. The victim who is stuck with a “paper pusher”, will likely receive the lowest amount of money. This is money that will improve their quality of living! Many of these clients don’t have the means to hire a top-notch accident lawyer.

We have established our “Top 5”, but that is not all. This article will help readers understand why they should trust Board Certified lawyers.

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