The Coolest Ice Hotels Around The Globe

Most travelers would rather travel to exotic islands or visit the stunning cities of Europe. Some travelers prefer to take a break from their daily grind and explore the finest ice hotels around the globe. We have the perfect guide for anyone who wants to experience the ultimate winter wonderland adventure. These ice hotels offer unique accommodations in remote locations around the globe. Continue reading to find out exactly what we’re talking about.


The Coolest Ice Hotels Around The Globe

Snow Village-Kittila (Finland)

The stunning snow village is located in the middle of the Lapland forest and offers two options for accommodation – an ice suite or a cozy cabin. There are many suites available for guests from all walks of life. The ice restaurants are known for their authentic Lapland delicacies. Locally crafted Nordic ingredients are also a must-try. It will be a joy to wrap yourself up in a blanket and enjoy the candlelit ambiance. Finland offers one of the most unique experiences anywhere in the world.

Hotel de Glace, Canada

The Hotel de Glace, located in Quebec, Canada, is well-known. It’s not only because it is rebuilt every year from the ice up. It is also the only North American ice hotel, which means the rooms are highly sought after. There are 42 different ice rooms. Some suites have an indoor fireplace or sauna. This hotel is a unique and relaxing experience. This hotel is made up of 30 thousand tons of snow and approximately five hundred tons of water. It took about a month to construct, with support from metal crane structures. Hotel de Glace is also ranked among the top 10 ideal locations for a wedding. Since its opening in 2001, the hotel has hosted more than 250 weddings. The hotel is closed during winter from January through March, so book early.

Ice Hotel, Japan

Next, we have Ice Hotel in Hokkaido (Japan). This beautiful hotel is getting better each year. The entire experience is made entirely from ice. It’s a true winter wonderland that everyone will enjoy. You won’t want to leave this place without trying all the “things to see”! 20 restaurants offer a sit-down meal, as well as ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, and even a pet zoo. The Ice Hotel is only available for a short time in winter, so rooms and igloos are often booked quickly.

Iglu-Dorf, Switzerland

You can find Iglu-Dorf sites all over Switzerland. Each one offers different lodging options. They all guarantee 50% snow, 30% sun, and 20% starry skies = 100% Iglu Dorf. The stunning hotels are sure to provide guests with an unforgettable experience. You can choose to stay in a traditional igloo, or you could opt for one of their fancy ice suites. You can also relax in the sauna-equipped wellness huts. Previous guests have been very positive about the bars and restaurants.

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