How do they grow square watermelons?

Although they may look like genetically modified watermelons, square watermelons are grown naturally. You can even grow them in your vegetable patch at home. You can even find websites that teach you how to do it.

Square watermelon was first developed in Japan over a decade ago. They even found a way to grow heart-shaped watermelons. It’s sort of the perfect gift for a vegan Valentine.

How are they grown? And why mess with Mother Nature? These are obvious questions that are worth asking.

Square watermelon shapes are not only more attractive but also easier to store and will not roll out of the fridge.

We will show you how to grow them! These are the steps to follow.

Step 1

The best place to plant it is in an area with lots of sunlight. It is important that the soil in which you plant it be warm and well-watered. If you live in a cold climate, it is best to start the seeds indoors. Once the soil has warmed up enough, plant them outdoors.

Step 2

The seeds should be planted. It is best to plant the seeds in groups of three seeds that are not too close together. Water them regularly to encourage them to grow. Watermelons require a lot of water. They should be watered once or twice per week. Mulch can also be added to help them grow faster.

Step 3

After you have seen your plants grow watermelons, pick a square-shaped box. Make sure the box has glass sides. This will let sunlight in and help your plants grow faster. The box must have easy access to air.

You can choose from a variety of shapes if you feel a square shape is boring.

Don’t Do forget to Continue watering your watermelons as usual still They require a lot of water to be ready for harvesting, which can take between 80 and 100 days.

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