11 Foods That Could Cause Cancer

These are the cancer-causing foods that you shouldn’t be focusing on. The truth is, however, that’s the truth. Today’s world is filled with carcinogenic chemicals, tobacco, and other harmful substances. The worst thing is probably eating.

You may think that you are doing the right thing for your health by drinking diet sodas and low-calorie popcorn. But, the truth is, you’re eating the most cancer-causing foods!

We will give you all the details about this list of 10 cancer-causing foods that you should avoid.

1. Grilled Red Meat

Although a nice chart here on steak might taste delicious, high temperatures used in cooking can cause cancer-causing hydrocarbons. It is also possible to increase your cancer risk by eating too much meat.

Alternatives: Eat less meat, prepare it well, and choose organic, grass-fed beef whenever possible.

2. Hydrogenated oils

All kinds of food can contain hydrogenated oils. These oils can be found in pre-packaged foods, fast food, margarine, and other food. These oils were originally vegetable oils but were then processed into trans fats. These fats have been strongly linked to several cancers.

3. Popcorn

Other than the fact that microwave popcorn may contain hydrogenated oils, it is a risk factor for cancer. Namely, lung cancer. The non-stick bag contains a chemical that can cause cancerous effects.

4. Lunch Meat

All kinds of toxic substances have been found in processed luncheon meat. The animal could have been fed pesticides and GMOs. The nitrates that are used to preserve meat are more dangerous than just harming us.

5. Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are much like lunch meat and contain cancer-causing love. Hot dogs also contain sodium phosphate, a well-known killer. It is estimated that processed meat causes over 34,000 deaths each year.


6. Canned food, especially tomatoes

Canning foods can be dangerous as the cans contain the chemical BPA which is a known hormone disrupter. Canning tomatoes can be dangerous because of the BPA leaching into the food due to their acidity. The good news is that tomatoes are generally healthy. It’s only the packaging that can cause problems.

7. White Flour

White flour is sugar. White flour is essentially sugar disguised as whole wheat flour. It takes the healthy whole wheat flour, bleaches it, and tampers it until it becomes unrecognizable. Do you know the expression “drink bleach”? Why would you want to eat a sandwich made with white bread and lunch meat, you ask?

8. Canned Food

BPA is the main culprit in canned foods. BPA, a chemical found in canned foods and cans, has been linked to cancer, particularly carcinoma. Although manufacturers may argue that there are risks, most evidence comes from nonprofit organizations. It’s up to each of you. Do you trust cash-makers or non-profit organizations?

9. Potato Chips

For many reasons, potato chips are a problem. They are made with trans fats and salt. Some varieties have artificial coloring and preservatives.

10. Alcohol

There is no denying that alcohol has its risks. Cancer is not usually on the list. However, extensive research has shown that alcohol is associated with many types of cancer. While not all cancers are linked to alcohol, approximately 3.5% of people who die from it are related.

11. GMO Foods

GMO foods are a subject of intense debate. GMO foods are favored by large food producers because they can be modified to resist pests, make them easier to transport, and last longer. Unfortunately, there was little to no safety testing done before these foods were available on shelves. We don’t know if they have any long-term health effects.

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